current snapshot of my next action balls basket

Projects and Next Actions (before ball-isation)

my Calendar (for the hard facts)

On a self-documentary snapshooting trip: recurring tasks (like posting the next part of this series), bills, and other floating stuff go into my tickler system, supplementary project materials are organized in manilla folders.

Contacts, appointments, and essential data are backed up both on my iBook and on a server, the more exotic ideas for things to do sometimes I store properly labeled on a dedicated gmail account.

This week I also started implementing an analog hyperlinking system, but it probably takes some trial and error figuring out a good way to do it. It probably will end somewhere in between the FranklinCovey system (notes are linked to tasks and events) and Niklas Luhmann’s Zettelkasten (everything is linked with everything using sophisticated naming conventions).

Part 1, Part 2