current snapshot of my next action balls basket

close-up of a next action ball (blog exclusive)

[note to self: take Barnes and Noble University photography class]

Click here to find out what this is about, the main documentation page is now hosted via Flickr here.

Merlin Mann’s Introducing the Hipster PDA
Personal Analog Device from the c2 wiki


Great, but what happens when you reach the 1000 activities mark?
Which will be good, but how many baskets?
posted by Camilo : 2/13/2005 05:21:49 PM

this could take a while… (if I don’t increase my current productivity level)
But if volume becomes an issue – I have plans for selling next action balls filled cushions or mattrasses ;)
posted by saurierduval : 2/15/2005 07:51:37 PM