IT Conversations hosts the complete audio archive of the Bloggercon III held November 2004. My fifth stop was the Emotional Life Session, hosted by Julie Leung.

quick notes:

  • what do you put on your blog, what not? (everything; respect privacy of your family and others; not telling things that are not yours;…)
  • how can blogs touch emotions, help connecting people? Blogging is a system of telling and listening, of passing on personal experiences, of resonating with each other, of interconnecting people who are out of the spotlight. But: how much are you really connected?
  • blogs vs. wikis: blogs are (usually) the voice of one person (might be ego-centric, authoritative, seperating); wikis produce a shared space.
  • personal vs. informational blogs (this is my life / check what I know).
  • blogging enforces to take an opionion on a regular basis, also allows to change your opinion.
  • raising your opinion as employee (could change work culture since common problems are there anyway vs. don’t talk about clients or your employer)
  • outdated notion of privacy?
  • two conflicting instincts: flee (bite) vs. welcome. Blogging might bridge these.
  • building knowledge on group processes
  • via blogging also little stories can gain visibility (vs. scripted pseudo reality tv shows)

Previous stops were the Newbie Session, the Overload Session, the Journalism Session, and the Academia Session.