current snapshots of my next action balls basket

close-up of next action balls (blog exclusive)

Currently I’m trying to shift my ‘goal oriented’ communication from email to blogs. It remains to be seen whether this is a feasible approach, but there are a few promises:

  • less noise. If you know that your output might persist, you think twice before stating the obvious.
  • it creates a corpus of shared history. OK, many do collect or archive or print out their emails, I usually trash them as soon as possible. The never ending stream of asynchronous and atomic messages makes it difficult even between two people to discuss issues, and almost impossible for distributed groups. The format blog also helps people joining a project orienting themselves (what has been going on,…).
  • it creates a shared topic and knowledge space. Blogs are searchable, postings can be tagged and grouped, I use Textpattern which also makes it easy to extract persistent pages and thematically related sections.

also, du hast wenigstens was zu tun. wenn du einen tipp brauchst, wie du bei samorost weiterkommst, frag mich :o) und ich glaube, nach dem klavier ging’s erst richtig los.
posted by dielux : 3/13/2005 11:53:48 PM