Heh. del.icio.us user SpikeH1464 tagged the URL for the del.icio.us tag blogs with these tags:

actionResearch   aggregation   apprenticeship   artefacts   backchannelling   ?   blog   blog101   blogBusiness   blogComments   blogCommunities   blogConversations   blogEcosystem   blogEffects   blogLearning   blogNetworking   blogOrganiser   blogReading   blogResearch   blogTools   blogWriting   communities   conceptMapping   conferences   creativity   del.icio.us   email   emergence   ethnography   folksonomy   groundedTheory   groupthink   hypertext   innovation   inspiration   instructionalDesign   internetResearch   journal   knowledgeMapping   knowledgeSharing   knowledgeWork   KWmodel   learning   learningInformal   mathodology   media   Selection   meta-learning   metadata   metaphors   methodology   nature   networking   ontologies   people   personal   personality   perspectives   PhD   PIM   pKM   productivity   Radio   reflection   research   researcherBlog   researchTools   RSS   RU   search   security   socialSoftware   storytelling   technology   Adoption   Technorati   theory   thinking   timeManagement   tipping   Point   tools

(he didn’t autoreferentially tag it with blogs)

Instant analysis: if the zero value of tagging is tagging a tag or an entity with itself (e.g.: 189 people (!) are tagging ‘http://del.icio.us/’ with the tags del.icio.us or delicioussee) and the informative value of tagging is – well – tagging entities with one’s associations (which implicitly creates a broader and richer tagspace via aggregating the tags of all other users), then tagging tags can be seen as an autopoetic turn in this scenario, with tags no longer pointing to anything outside but themselves.