Google not only provides us with Google Groups, Gmail, Blogger, Google Maps, Google Sets, Google Scholar, AdSense, and whatnot, but also with the Google Language Tools for crossing language barriers on the web. Copy and paste the text to be translated or a URL of a foreign language website, select the corresponding language pair, and off you go. Currently the supported languages are: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, Japanese, Korean and a subset of Chinese.

The first japanese website I visited (suneoHairWax::ein differenztheoretischer Ansatz) threw up this:

Communication is suitable to operation regarding the social system. Communication always exceeding the intention of the individual and expectation range, forms the network which becomes complicated unlimited. It is impossible itself to identify that kind of network. Consequently, a some distinction (two minute diagrams) by introducing, the object must be identified. While the system observing itself with similar procedure, what it tries to decide the identity of oneself is " self observation ". However so doing, the object which is identified simplification (the " complex reduction decrease") has always worn in a some way, consequently it has been filled " emptiness " and " excess ". When distinction turn back the on by your, it manifests this emptiness or excess in a way, paradox which it occurs (the distinction, itself legitimacy / illegality legitimacy or illegality?, the etc System theory this paradox which self observation has concealed the distinction, system / environment (complex differential of both) of making use is disclosed, commenting.

Three clicks later (The radio will be recorded with the Non Passport personal computer!) (I like the dichotomy here):

The English conversation, you don’t try beginning from today? Piece by piece secret! English rescues Japan! It will bring the work of the foreign country in Japan! You can record also favorite radio program in the personal computer!

This weekend (and those to come) should become interesting.