The week I started implementing GTD my iBook was being repaired and I was forced to use paper and a pen. It really felt awkward at first, but it gave me some sort of anachronistic kick. Then the iBook was back, but I continued to write my next actions on cut pieces of paper, my projects on index cards (title on the one, successful outcome on the other side). I really started to enjoy the haptics and tactics of handwriting and came up with a nicely working system using categories, sorting and browsing techniques, color schemes and the indespensible tickler system – overall my whole workflow improved somehow. I tried hard to implement the bitless office – baught a paper calendar (sunflower look with flipflops on the cover), wrote my contacts on business-cards,… – but then Ta-da hit me.

Ta-da is one of the next-generation webapps that I’m really looking forward to – simple, focused and cute. Its a free webservice with a mission: Simple shareable to-do lists. It’s just what you need, and nothing you don’t.

Ta-da is one of the first webbased applications I know that really makes you forget that you are doing things within your browser. The lists can be shared (read/write for a defined set of people; read only for the world) and a RSS feed is provided for tracking changes. That’s it and its fantastic. Check it out (and me, I’m back to bits again, at least partly, I’m afraight).